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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your mints contain sugar?

No. Dr. Heff’s mints contain no sugar at all. But to keep them tasting great, we use a natural sugar-free sweetener called Xylitol, which is found in the fibres of plants and has long been linked to the prevention of tooth decay. Dr. Heff’s Xylitol comes from certified GMO-free maize grown in France.;

What are your mints’ key ingredients?

Dr. Heff’s mints are made from a unique formulation of green tea extract, Xylitol, calcium phosphate and natural peppermint oil.;

Does the green tea extract in your mints contain caffeine?

No. Our mints do not contain any caffeine and they are also completely GMO-free.;

How many mints do you recommend taking per day?

Scientific research shows that the benefits of taking Xylitol are strongest when spread out throughout the day. So you can enjoy Dr. Heff's mints after breakfast, coffee and lunch – even before brushing your teeth! It’s also best if you suck on the mint so that it dissolves gradually.;

Why do your mints look slightly speckled?

The slightly speckled appearance of our mints is thanks to the green tea extract. It’s quite normal!;

Do people like the taste?

Yes. But don’t just take our word for it: in a survey of 200 people, 90% said that Dr. Heff’s mints tasted “as good or better” than their previous favourite mint. “I felt like I’d just brushed my teeth,” was a common comment. This is exactly the reaction we were aiming for!;

Is Xylitol harmful to dogs?

There are some human foods that vets recommend we don’t give to dogs, including chocolate, onions and avocados. In a similar way, Xylitol has many benefits for humans but is harmful to dogs – so please keep Dr. Heff’s mints away from pets.;

Who will benefit from using Dr. Heff’s mints?

The simple answer is: everyone over the age of three!;

So are your mints good for children?

Yes. Dr. Heff’s mints are beneficial to people of all ages. Indeed, in studies, doses of Xylitol syrup of 8g per day have been given to 15-month-old babies to reduce tooth decay. However, because Xylitol liquid is a more appropriate way for very young children to benefit, we only recommend Dr. Heff’s mints for children aged three and up.;

Where can I buy Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints?

Great question! You can buy Dr. Heff’s mints direct from our website. Dr. Heff’s mints is also available to high-street retailers around the UK.;